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A Guide to Hair Transplant Therapy in Turkey


Turkey has become a respected destination for the professional hair transplant services delivered there. World renowned surgeons converge in Istanbul where many patients wait to have their hair restored. So, if you've lost some hair on your head, you can be confident in the surgical/medical solutions available to remedy your situation. This in turn will improve your looks as well as any self-esteem issues that may have resulted from your hair loss.


But what exactly is involved in hair transplant? Hair transplant is simply the removal hair from one part of the body and planting it on another. There are several hair transplant techniques, and one of them is follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This technique works for most patients, and reputable surgeons from different parts of the world come to Istanbul to perform it and practically transform the appearance of eager patients.


With FUE, a donor area of the body is first identified. This is the area where healthy hair follicles will be extracted from. Typically, the back of the head is a good donor area for hair transplant surgery. These hair follicles are then grafted onto the hair loss region. It's the perfect fix for balding heads.


You must be wondering if this processes is painful, considering that surgery is being performed on your head! Certainly, this is no brain surgery, so you need not worry about severe issues like excessive bleeding and lasting post-surgery pain. You'll be put under local anesthesia to ensure you feel no pain at all.


The process lasts from 6 to 8 hours depending on various factors, including the size of the balding area. However, you need not be admitted to the hospital to have your hair transplant. The surgery at http://www.hairtransplantfue-turkey.com/results-gallery/ takes place on an outpatient basis, meaning that you can be ready to go back home shortly afterward.


Actually, you can be ready to report back to work in 2 days maximum. Okay, you may need a day's rest after surgery, but hair transplant is not an incapacitating procedure that will deny you work hours and wages. Procedures such as FUE are known to have up to 98% success rates, so you can be sure that the therapy will last on your head.


So, if you're considering flying to Turkey to have hair transplant, you can do that now. The procedure will help restore your natural look and self-esteem. It's a pain-free surgery with proven medical outcomes, visit website here!